Conversations from the WV ATC Leadership Institute

Each year, adults with ASD gather on the campus of Marshall University to participate in the WV Autism Training Center's Leadership Institute. The Institute gives leaders with autism a chance to teach, network, share ideas, and build community. This podcast featuring the perspectives and ideas of those leaders was recorded as part of a Facebook Live discussion held during the gathering.


Dual Diagnosis and ASD

The WV ATC's Dr. Catherine Bailey and Luke Walker discuss ASD, related diagnoses, and dual diagnosis.


Jimmy Ward and Blaine Seitz - Life as Adults with ASD


Autism Education in West Virginia with JoDonna Burdoff

JoDonna Burdoff talks about the early days of autism education in the state of West Virginia, how she got her start, and what the future holds for students with autism and their school support staff.


A Conversation with Dr. Ruth C. Sullivan

West Virginia Autism Training Center Executive Director Dr. Marc Ellison and autism pioneer Dr. Ruth C. Sullivan sit down to discuss early autism parent advocacy movements, critical historical developments, and progressive services in West Virginia.


First Responders and Autism Training in WV

Erin Lash and Ben Childers of the WV Autism Training Center have created an important training series for first responders, emergency service personnel, and school resource officers to help ensure positive outcomes should a community member with autism need assistance.  This podcast is a brief informational interview with Erin and Ben and listeners are encouraged to contact the WV Autism Training Center to bring these trainings to local communities.  


WV Autism Training Center - an Audio Tour

This podcast introduces the listener to some of the history of how the center started, programs offered, and general resources available through the WV Autism Training Center.


WV-ATC Podcast 1: The Autism Academy

Information and interviews from leaders and trainees about the Autism Academy: a state-wide training initiative in WV to train teachers in best practices for supporting students with autism.


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